Introducing Nina Marie : Upcoming Talent

Bella Lei welcomes Nina Marie, a cosmo student & creative prodigy to our advanced education and mentorship program.

Believe it or not, the beauty industry is tough, competitive and at times a bit cut-throat. With dropout rates of over 50% in beauty school and industry continuation rates under 30% (after 3-years*), success isn’t awarded – it is earned.

When Nina Marie confidently walked in our door a few weeks back and asked about our education offering, we could see immediately that this young women is destined for success. Because of her, we have established an Externship program with the Institute of Beauty and Wellness that allows cosmetologist students the ability to branch out and receive real-world training and experience at reputable salon spa establishments. Utilizing that connection and our existing home-grown Advanced Training and Mentorship program, Nina Marie has hit the ground running showing her passion for the industry that she is certain to flourish in.

Nina Marie is currently working with her mentor and industry veteran – Mandie Poull (an IBW alumni) on the mastery of advanced techniques and will soon begin taking clients for select services at Bella Lei Salon Spa.

Follow Nina Marie’s progress on her Instagram page @ https://www.instagram.com/ninamarie_co/

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