Cupping Therapy : A Sensational New Add-on Service

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which small-scale suction is created on the skin by a round cylinder cup. When cupping is mentioned in conversation, people often think of Michael Phelps with circles imprinted along his back. Cupping, however, is for more than just athletes with sore muscles; it is said to ease menstrual symptoms, aid in reducing insomnia and fatigue as well as support blood flow throughout the body. Many cupping users refer to cupping therapy as a reverse deep tissue massage. This means, instead of setting downward pressure into the muscle, cupping allows therapists to pull pressure away from it. Cupping brings blood from deeper inside the body up to the surface, which has the ability to diminish any blockages or stagnation we may hold on both an emotional and physical level.

Many massage therapists will perform cupping therapy in many different ways. At Bella Lei Spa, Noah (CMT) specializes in cupping and offers a cupping therapy experience that is tailored to meet your unique needs. He uses a variety of cupping techniques, including static and sliding cups to provide a truly personalized massage. Static cupping uses varying sizes of translucent domes. Noah will set domes around the body to create intense suction that pulls upward at the muscle and connective tissue. Another technique, called Dynamic cupping, uses a combination of simultaneous suction and movement to improve soft tissue mobility and decrease muscle pain.

What should I expect during my appointment?
During your cupping massage appointment at Bella Lei, your therapist will start by having you lie down on a warm, heated massage table, in a soft lit room that is quiet and relaxing. The service starts with a warm oil application combined with a soothing massage to help ease any tension before applying any cups. Once the guest is noticeably relaxed, the appropriate size and type of suction cups will be selected and placed on your skin. A handheld pump is used to bind the cup to your skin with a slight pressure. This causes the skin and underlying tissue to rise into the opening of the cup. You may feel a gentle pulling sensation, but the procedure should never cause any discomfort.

Throughout the session, your therapist will adjust the intensity and duration of the suction to ensure your comfort and safety. Noah’s technique also incorporates other massage techniques, such as Swedish or deep tissue massage, to further enhance the benefits of the cupping therapy.

After the session, you may notice circular marks on your skin where the cups were placed. These marks, which can range in color from pink to deep red or purple, are normal and temporary reactions from the treatment. These marks typically disappear within five to ten days.

Overall, a cupping massage appointment is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that can help reduce pain, tension, and stress in your body. Our bodies go through so much on a daily basis. With the assistance of cupping there are a wide range of individuals this modality can serve both physically and emotionally.

Noah Nunchuckit Massage TherapistA little about Noah’s journey into cupping therapy.
Noah graduated high school in 2021 and continued his education at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness (IBW) with a passion for the healing world of massage. To read up more about Noah’s journey into massage visit our Introducing Noah blog on our homepage. Along with Massage, Noah was intrigued by cupping therapy and its many benefits, including reducing pain, inflammation and also improving circulation. He finds that combining cupping techniques with other modalities (relaxing, swedish, deep tissue, etc) not only allows you to enjoy a soothing massage but also receive the benefits of cupping therapy.