Renew. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

Facial and Body Treatments are a popular way of maintaining a youthful appearance by giving your skin the care and nutrients it deserves.

Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of natural results driven products, personalized aromas and techniques and design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty.

Treatments are recommended on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis to achieve and maintain optimal results. Your skin therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs and expectations. *Not sure where to begin your skin health journey? The Balance Facial is recommended for our first time facial treatment guests or anyone seeking a relaxing spa facial treatment.

Signature Spa Services

The Balance Facial

Our traditional European style facial, personalized to address individual needs, your skin will be refreshed with unique blends of aromas, natural ingredients for purification and appropriate massage techniques to bring balance to mind and body. A customized masque along with high performance serums will address specific concerns, leaving your skin nourished and invigorated.

60 Minutes$85

The Serenity Facial

Designed to enliven, increase radiance and clarity of skin, our Serenity Facial treatment is customized with the integration of the ancient art of gua sha to increase circulation and deliver essential nutrients to the surface of skin, as well as promoting lymphatic drainage to decrease puffiness and facial tension. Consistent treatments incorporating gua sha can provide more clarity and evenness of skin tone, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and relief of chronic facial tension, reducing headaches, jaw pain and eye strain.

60 Minutes$95
90 Minutes$130

The Revival Body Treatment

A truly reviving experience head to toe! Beginning with a relaxing foot soak, your experienced spa therapists will begin a light detoxification with dry brushing, followed by an invigorating salt scrub to leave the skin smoothed and refreshed. A nourishing, warmed, aromatic blend of customized essential oils is applied to the body with light, soothing massage techniques followed by a comforting wrap and balancing facial treatment. A seasonal must!

75 Minutes$125

Corrective Skin Treatments

Corrective treatments mildly stimulate the production of new, healthy skin with little or no downtime. These treatments can range anywhere from light to gentle in strength, making them a great option for a first-time peeler or sensitive skin types who want to treat aging, oily or hyper-pigmented skin. With a resurfacing treatment, clients may experience minimal flaking to none at all. *Best results are achieved through treatment series; your esthetician will design a plan that is appropriate for your unique skin care concerns. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to begin your skin health journey!

Clarifying Acne Treatment

For those challenged with breakouts, this personalized treatment incorporates purifying ingredients and detoxifying techniques to disrupt the cycle of acne. Excessive surface oils are reduced as well as dead skin cells clogging the pores. Inflamed skin is soothed and balanced while feeling clean and refreshed. Light detoxifying techniques not only assist with the purification of the skin, they also assist with relaxation, further breaking the stressful cycle of acne.

60 Minutes95

Prevention Facial Treatment

Maintain the benefits of your corrective treatments with our anti-aging facial incorporating our favorite antioxidant, Vitamin C! Monthly treatments in conjunction with appropriate home care is recommended.

60 Minutes$115

Skin Renewing Treatments

Renewing treatments penetrate the skin deeper, treating skin conditions more aggressively than a corrective skin treatmenst. These treatments are designed to exfoliate thick, oily and acne-prone skin along with treating stubborn hyperpigmentation, visible sun damage and collagen depletion. With peeling treatments, clients can expect some downtime with mild to moderate shedding of the skin.

Chemical Exfoliation

Excellent treatment for the signs of premature aging – fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness as well as uneven skin tone. Our highly trained and experienced skin therapists will customize your chemical treatment for your specific concerns and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve exceptional results.

Consultation Required

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Effective physical exfoliation treatment for dullness, congested pores, and fine lines. Best results are achieved in a series of 6 to 12 treatments. Your skin specialist will create a package suited to your individual needs.

Face & Neck$85
Face, neck & décolleté$100

Your esthetician will be happy to recommend any options available within the treatment you have selected, as well as a simple and elective home-care program. For the best results, we recommend facial treatments every month or at least four times per year with the corresponding change in seasons. *Service time recommendations: If it has been more then 12-months since you've had a facial, please schedule a minimum of 60 or 90 (for mature/damaged skin) minutes for your service to make sure we have the proper time to evaluate, clean and recommend a daily regimen that will produce noticeable results. A 45 minute service should be reserved for very youthful skin or someone that receives regular facial services.