Introducing Kate : CIDESCO Certified Esthetician

Our busy Bella Lei Family continues to grow! Kate Magana is an expert Esthetician with years of experience as both an instructor and practitioner.

Kate has been an Esthetician for over 18 years and an Esthetic Instructor for 15. Her interest in skincare started at an early age, partially driven by her own struggle with severe acne that started during early teenage years and continued to be relentless into her early 20’s.

After graduating from college she noticed how the appearance of her skin affected her self confidence and outlook on life. After many failed attempts at treating her acne with conventional methods, coupled with complete frustration, she felt a strong desire to figure out why these skin issues occur and what could be done to change them. Once she enrolled in Estiology school, Kate developed a lifelong passion for the study of skin and the treatment of its imbalances.

Now, Kate greatly enjoys assisting others on their skin wellness journey and knows what it is like to not feel your best self. It is her goal to guide clients in finding their inner and outer radiance through facial and body treatments and a consistent home care regimen.

Kate’s skills include a wide range from microdermabrasion and peels to holistic approaches such as detox facial massage, acupressure points and body therapy treatments. Her strengths include balancing all skin care concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, acne and sensitivity, as well as performing waxing and makeup.

Kate is also a CIDESCO certified diploma holder which is the equivalent to obtaining a masters degree in skincare.

If you want to find radiance and balance in your own skin care regimen, there is no better resource than Kate – Click to Book Your Appointment Today or call 262-375-5500.