Shannon Smoody : Esthetician + Beauty Artist

We are excited for our guests to meet Shannon. She is a multi-talented, “beauty artist” that not only provides expert esthetic services but also: permanent makeup, microblading, eyelash extensions, lash and brow tinting.

Shannon’s first love started with make-up. She views it as a form of expression for her art. It grew from there; learning how to properly take care of the canvas (a persons skin), made the art that much more beautiful. She is always willing to take the opportunity to strengthen and grow her skills in this industry. It is Shannon’s goal to help people to feel genuinely gorgeous in their skin, and she strive’s to do her best to provide that for every guest. Her motto is “nothing is more beautiful than true confidence!” When you meet her, you will agree; her confidence is truly beautiful.

In Shannon’s free time, she enjoys fitness and working out. She actively competes in bodybuilding competitions and loves the dedication and discipline the training offers. “Self-care is essential, and it has become an outlet to maintain motivation for my physical and emotional well-being.” She also loves to knit, and finds that there is no greater happiness for than seeing her 5 pound Chihuahua prance around in a sweater that she made.

Some examples of Shannon’s artistry can be found via her instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/shanglams/

Current Schedule:
Monday : 12pm – 5pm (Port Washington)
Tuesday : 3pm – 9pm (Cedarburg)
Wednesday : 12pm – 5pm (Port Washington)
Thursday : OFF
Friday : OFF
Saturday : 9am – 3pm (Port Washington)

Services can be Booked Online or by calling Guest Services:

262-375-5500 : Cedarburg
262-284-4400 : Port Washington